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Week 9: Part A

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Places I want to visit overseas 

These are 5 places I want to visit overseas

  • France 

  • Bali

  • Hawaii

  • Ireland

  • Japan 

This is why I want to visit those places 

France: I would love to go to France because it would be a very interesting and amazing thing to do. You would see so many new things there, and it would be an amazing experience. If I go to France I would LOVE to visit Paris and see all the amazing things there. 

Bali: I would love to visit Bali because they have very interesting things there, and because everyone that has been there say its so nice and beautiful.

Hawaii: I would like to visit Hawaii because I would love to swim in the beautiful water and see so many amazing things. 

Ireland: I would like to visit Ireland and learn so many things about their culture and see so many amazing things. 

Japan: I would love to visit Japan because it would be a great experience to learn their language and I would meet so many new people. I would also love to visit the places in Japan. 

One Comment

  1. G’day Eloise,
    Some exciting places to visit. In fact, I am heading off to Ireland for three weeks in June next year. Where are some places you recommend I visit while i am there?

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